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TEXAS DESERT TRAVELER is a must-read digital NewsLetter, for all the latest Desert of Texas news. We provide readers with a chance to explore the topics that interest them the most. From Temples & Courts events to our community service initiatives. Our talented team of journalists is here to help you stay in the loop about all that is happening, in the Desert of Texas.

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TDT Volume 11 - Issue 32 - Summer 2022

TDT Volume 11 - Issue 32 - Summer 2022

We have re-established, “The Texas Desert Traveler" Newsletter, to document and spread the word of the great works of Shrinedom in the Desert of Texas.

Submission Instruction:

The Texas Desert Traveler accepts submissions of articles and photographs of general interest to Prince Hall Shriners and Daughters of the Imperial Court throughout the Lone Star State.

The Texas Desert Traveler is published in the months of February, June and October. Submissions of articles and photographs are to be forwarded to the publication's Editor via email. Articles and photographs become the property of the publication and the right is reserved to edit and use the articles and photographs as deemed necessary.

Deadline for submissions is the 20th day of the preceding issue. Articles are to be submitted using Microsoft Word (Arial 11)

and photographs should be in JPEG format 

(150 - 300 dpi) and captioned (Times New Roman 11). 

Temples send submissions to: 

Courts send your submissions to: 


Permission to reprint original articles appearing in the Texas Desert Traveler is granted to all recognized Shrine and Masonic publications.

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